BREAKING: Republicans Humiliate Mike Pence

Mike Pence may be the vice president, but that doesn’t mean people give a crap about what he has to say. Pence just found this out the hard way, as the Colorado GOP just humiliatingly SLASHED ticket prices to a Pence-led fundraiser because it was clear no one was about to show up. Mike Pence can’t even fill a room, while Biden filled an auditorium this week—the American people aren’t stupid.

Pence is CLEARLY trying to consolidate alliances and popularity ahead of Donald Trump’s obviously imminent impeachment, because he’d like to be able to hit the ground running when the time comes. But the only thing Pence is going to hit is his head against the wall if he keeps getting humiliated like he’s just been.

Per the Denver Post, next Thursday, Pence will be leading a fundraiser at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. The only problem is, NO ONE’S been buying tickets. No one wants to come. So much for building popularity and alliances, eh?

So, in a majorly embarrassing concession, the Colorado GOP has officially slashed the ticket prices of the event across the board—for example, basic tickets went from $275 down to $150. Ouch.

“We couldn’t fill the large room at that ticket level,” said Daniel Cole, the Colorado Republican party’s spokesman. And, indeed, this is a grassroots, in-the-trenches revelation that is very telling: everyday Republicans don’t want to attend Pence visits because he, nor the Trump administration, inspire ANY confidence.

For comparison, Hillary Clinton traveled to Denver just weeks ago to sign books at an event, and it was a madhouse. The waiting list was full, and tickets were completely sold out. That’s because people actually respect Hillary Clinton—she DOES inspire confidence.

At the end of the day, it’s an overall loss for the GOP, and quite a humiliating one at that. The event is meant to raise money for the state GOP. So the fact that Pence’s unpopularity is making ticket prices get halved means the Republicans are just going to take in less money because Pence…well, he sucks.

This little PR blitz from Pence is sad. And it’s pointless. He’s caught up in Russiagate just like the rest of the upper echelon of Team Trump.

If he becomes president, it surely won’t be for long. That much is clear.

In the meantime, let us continue to rally against his missteps. America deserves better.

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The state of the U.S. government under Team Trump is flat-out embarrassing. These goons are bringing shame—only shame—to our nation. They’ve subverted everything America has traditionally stood for, and the people have noticed.

These monsters are NOT our leaders—they’re disgraces. Pence and Trump must be ousted before they permanently undermine America.

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