CAUGHT: Republicans Caught Red-Handed Rigging Election. Arrest Them?

According to the Huffington Post, Democrats have accused Georgia Republicans of rigging the runoff election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional district. The GOP is so desperate to keep control of the House of Representatives that they’ll stoop to cheating.

The Georgia race is being closely watched around the nation. Many see this race as a referendum on President Trump’s policies.

It’s a very conservative district that hasn’t elected a Democrat in years. Yet Democrat Jon Ossoff nearly won the seat outright this week when he garnered 48% of the vote.

Now the election moves to a runoff between Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel in June. Democrats are already regarding Ossoff’s performance as a win since it shows that even strongly Republican districts are in play for them.

But Republicans aren’t about to let this threat go unchecked. Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, is trying to keep new voters out of the runoff election.

Five groups are suing to stop Kemp, including the Georgia NAACP, the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda, the ProGeorgia State Table, Third Sector Development, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta. These groups want to make sure everyone has the right to vote for their representative in Washington.

The suit alleges that Kemp violated The National Voter Registration Act. The act says that earliest deadline before a federal election for voter registration is 30 days.

But Kemp said that 6th District residents can only vote in the runoff if they were registered by March 20. That’s a ridiculous 92 days before the runoff election, now scheduled for June 20th.

Civil rights groups, however, want people to vote in the election if they’re registered by May 22. That would meet the 30-day deadline required by law.

President of the Georgia NAACP Francys Johnson said, “The tactics that the secretary of state and the state of Georgia are employing are anything but special. They are typical.”

The Georgia GOP’s goal is to restrict the voting rights of Georgia citizens. They want to prevent Democrats from registering any more voters in order to give their party a better chance of winning.

POLL: Do Republicans STEAL elections?

Georgia Republicans said that only people who registered to vote by March 20th can vote in the upcoming 6th Congressional District runoff election.

Democrats have cried foul and are suing to let people register to vote in the runoff.

Do you think the Republicans are trying to steal this election? Share your opinion in the poll below.

Republicans say that this runoff isn’t a new election, just a continuation of the previous one. So Kemp feels justified in his actions.

According to Republicans, though, Georgia law requires that anyone who wants to vote in a runoff election has to have registered for the initial election. They also point out that the Constitution allows the states to put additional restrictions on voters for federal elections.

But civil rights groups aren’t buying those excuses. According to Ira Feinberg, a partner at the law firm Hogan Lovells, the National Voter Registration Act preempts state laws.

This includes the ridiculous Georgia law on runoffs.  Republicans just don’t want to lose another House seat.

Jon Ossoff has Georgia Republicans running scared, so now they’re trying to cheat to win a House seat. Please spread the word of this outrage by sharing this story on Facebook.

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