REPORT: Trump Has STAGGERING Debts, Bigger Than the Economies of 25 Countries

Trump has no problems raising taxes on working class Americans, but he doesn’t want to release his own tax returns. Now, we know the startling reason for this refusal.

Trump’s financial debts are even more extravagant than we’ve realized. That’s right, Trump has more than $1.8 billion dollars in debt – an absolutely stunning figure.

The insanity of this figure is that it’s higher than the GDP of 25 sovereign nations. That means that Trump literally has one of the highest levels of debt in the entire world.

Mr. Demagogue has tried to lie to the American people by saying that his debts weren’t any more than $315 million. But the truth is that Trump has several massive loans that he’s still on the hook for.

It’s no wonder, then, that Trump’s trying to cut taxes for the rich. He needs all the financial help he can get to get out from under these crushing debts.

“The problem with any of this debt is if something goes wrong,” legal scholar Trevor Potter said. “If there is a situation where the president is suddenly personally beholden or vulnerable to threats from the lenders.”

Trump is going to be more beholden to his lenders than to the American people while in the White House. Essentially, then, Trump is going to be president just to pay off his debts … nothing else.

In this light, it’s no wonder that Trump’s been eager to work with Putin. If he lost the election, he’d be on a one-way path to bankruptcy.

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