WATCH: Robert Reich Calls for National “Resistance” to FIGHT Trump’s Regime

Trump may have won in the electoral college, but that doesn’t mean we have to take his corrupt governance sitting down. Many progressives are calling for a resistance movement against Trump.

Once such prominent progressive is Robert Reich.  Reich recently called for a peaceful resistance movement to fight the Trump administration.

Robert Reich made these comments during an interview with Amy Goodman of During the discussion, Reich rejected claims that a Trump presidency would be a “normal presidency.”

Reich said, “You know, some people say, “Oh, well, it’s just a—we’ve had conservative, pompous, narcissistic presidents before.” This is—this is not normal.”

Reich continued. “This is really dangerous. And we have to resist.”

Reich called for a peaceful yet persistent resistance of the Trump regime. He urged citizens to call their representatives and senators and tell them to reject Trump’s nominees and agenda.

He also called on citizens to hit Trump in the pocketbook by boycotting Trump products.

Resistance to the Trump presidency is exactly what is needed right now.  A boycott of Trump businesses is a great way to start.

Trump may have lied and cheated his way to the Presidency, but that doesn’t mean we have to go easy on him. It’s time to join the resistance by boycotting Trump products, putting pressure on Congress, and voting in the midterm elections.

If we work together, we can beat the monster that is Donald Trump. Please share this article on Facebook and lets support this call!

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