REVEALED: Here’s The Chilling Reason Tillerson Called Trump a Moron

Recent media reports have revealed that there’s trouble in paradise for Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump. Last week, Tillerson called Trump a moron—and now we finally now why.

Well, obviously we all know why someone might call Trump a moron. But now, reports are finally coming forward to reveal what led to this particular outburst in that particular moment.

In addition to Trump and Tillerson, three White House officials were also in the room, and they’re finally ready to reveal what led to the comment.

Apparently, Trump told the roomful of people that he wants to increase America’s nuclear arsenal. Wait, there’s more—by a factor of TEN.

Trump’s reaction came after he was shown a slide during a briefing. It was a chart showing the slow but steady reduction of America’s nuclear weapons, a downward trend that’s been ongoing since the late 1960s.

When he saw this, Trump said he wanted more nukes. Officials at that time tried to explain to Trump that there are many legal and practical problems preventing the U.S. from stockpiling more nuclear weapons.

According to one nuclear expert, Joe Cirincione, Trump’s plan to increase nukes would lead to a three-way arms race involving the U.S., China and Russia.

No one wants that—well, no one except perhaps Donald Trump.

Trump’s plan to increase nukes would cause the U.S. to be in violation of several treaties, pacts which have been upheld by every single U.S. president since Ronald Reagan.

This small meeting took place a day after Trump attended an Afghanistan strategy session. During the session, Trump was so confused that officials planned the second meeting in hopes of educating him a little.

According to one person present at the meeting, the general attitude was “maybe we need to slow down a little and explain the whole world” to Donald Trump.

So, that explains—quite clearly—why Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, called Donald Trump a moron.

And in a way, it’s funny to think of a president so inept that his own people call him a moron and have to schedule special get-togethers in an attempt to educate him.

But where humor ends, panic begins. It’s terrifying to think of a president so inept as this one.

It’s awful to realize that Trump is so uneducated in foreign policy that his own advisors feel the need to pull him aside for special meetings and make special attempts just to explain to him why he can’t start stockpiling nukes.

And to remind everyone, America has the biggest military in the world by a staggeringly wide margin. All the other top countries in military might, by the way, are America’s allies.

If every nation in the world turned against the U.S. tomorrow and decided to fight, they still would probably lose. That’s how big America’s military is already.

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