BREAKING: Dan Rather Makes Horrifying Announcement About What Trump is Doing

Dan Rather saw first-hand how the Nixon administration tried to de-legitimize the media. Now he warns us that Team Trump is following in Nixon’s footsteps.

Rather’s new outlet, News and Guts, just aired a clip from a documentary called “Dan Rather: a Reporter Remembers.” The way that Rather speaks about the Nixon administration in this video might as well be describing Team Trump.

“It didn’t take long to figure out,” a younger Rather says in the clip. “The way they were going to operate was to try to intimidate.”

Trump has gone to war with the American media since day one by trying to intimidate the free press. The Orange One is seriously taking his self-professed admiration of Nixon to the next level.

“Perhaps the place to start looking for a credibility gap is not in the offices of the Government in Washington,” Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro Agnew, once famously said. “[It’s] in the studios of the networks in New York.”

These words sound like they could have come right from Sean Spicer’s mouth. This shows us that Team Trump is using Nixon’s playbook in pursuit of their terrible policies, which should alarm us all.

Nixon was a crook, and so is Trump. That’s why News and Guts posted Rather’s documentary clip: to show us all that there are lessons we need to be aware of from the past.

History may not literally repeat itself. But in attacking the media, Trump sure is repeating one of the worst parts about Nixon’s presidency.

When both Dan Rather and Fox News are in agreement that Trump is terrifying, things can NOT be good. That’s why it’s so important that we all band together to support the free press in this dire hour of tyranny.

Thank goodness we have the wisdom and leadership of someone like Dan Rather right now. He’s going to keep up the fight against Trump’s lies no matter what, and we need to do the same.

There’s no question that the American people deserve better than this. Stay angry, my friends – our protests are surely accelerating the impeachment of President Dorito.

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