AMAZING. Dan Rather DESTROYS “National Embarrassment” Trump in EPIC Rant.

Donald Trump falsely promised the American people that no one would lose coverage under Trumpcare, and now legendary journalist Dan Rather is calling Trump out as the liar that he is. Rather just eviscerated the embarrassing president in a blistering Facebook post that EVERY American needs to see.

For context, the Congressional Budget Office just released a report indicating that Trumpcare could force as many as 24 million Americans off their insurance. Understandably, Rather is FURIOUS.

“Well in the real world, it turns out you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” Rather began. “Shocking. For all the yuge promises of Donald Trump on the campaign trail about a health care bill that would be just perfect we now have the cold shower of reality from the Congressional Budget Office.”

Rather goes on to explain that, of course, if you spend less on covering people, fewer people will be covered. It seems common sense is rather uncommon in the Trump administration.

“Almost every other industrialized country in the world has gone a lot further in providing comprehensive healthcare to their citizens,” Rather wrote. He’s right; the rest of the industrialized world is disgusted by the way America handles healthcare.

“…millions of Americans, mostly the poorest and most vulnerable among us, will soon learn that imperfect insurance is better than no insurance,” Rather continued. Of course, the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but it is certainly better than Trumpcare.

Read Rather’s scathing post in full here:

“It’s always harder to take something away than to not give it in the first place,” Rather wrote in his conclusion. “I know that for many facts are fungible. But being told you can’t get your illness treated is a fact that tends to sink in pretty fast.”

Rather is absolutely spot on. There are millions of Americans who aren’t politically inclined, but when these folks realize that Trump is literally set to jeopardize their lives and the lives of their families, you can BET they’ll be joining the Resistance. When the political is personal, things can get bad quickly.

Trumpcare is a DISASTER of epic proportions. How in the world did Team Trump think giving massive tax cuts to the rich while kicking millions of Americans off their insurance would EVER be okay?

In his quest to play political football, Trump is going to repeal Obamacare even if countless Americans are forced to needlessly suffer as a result. This isn’t being presidential, this is being INHUMANE.

The good news is that Trumpcare is so obviously bad that congressional Republicans are already turning on each other over it. Any GOPers who are up for re-election in a battleground state in 2018 should be very, very nervous.

Mr. Rather’s sobering words of wisdom are always a beacon of hope in Trump’s America. Like Mr. Rather, we ALL have to keep fighting for the truth.

The worst thing we can do right now is to fall into despair and impatience. Raising awareness might seem ineffectual, but it’s going to take changing hearts and minds to impeach the Orange Tyrant – and to do this, an informed American public must pressure Congress first.

Let’s keep the fire to Trump’s feet, ladies and gentlemen. Please share this story on Facebook now!

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