REPORT: Putin Has Major Dirt on Trump That Could Explain EVERYTHING

Trump has filled his cabinet with rich elitists because he says rich elitists know how to get things done. Too bad Trump’s actually broke as a joke, which exposes how Putin has him under his thumb.

For one, Bloomberg is reporting that Trump currently has almost $1 billion in debts. Such stifling debt gives us an insight into why Trump is using the presidency to stuff his own pockets with cash.

Essentially, then, Trump is just using the White House as a financial stunt to get out of debt. This nightmare scenario is supported by many of Trump’s recent ridiculous behaviors.

Consider how Trump just charged a pretty penny to attend his elitist New Year’s bash. This is the action of a man who needs money, not a president.

Or think about how Trump promised to pay for his own campaign, and then he didn’t. He used his own properties and charged massive fees because he desperately needs the cash.

Another bit of evidence is how Trump’s kids immediately started selling access to their dad after the election. Team Trump is literally doing everything it can to make a buck, and now we know why.

Trump didn’t run for president because he cares about the American people. To the contrary: he ran because he only cares about his debts.

Now Putin has Trump backed against a wall. If Trump doesn’t serve as a proxy for Russia, then Putin will expose Trump as the bankrupt conman that he really is.

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