REPORT: Putin Got EVERYTHING He Wanted After Blackmailing Trump [DETAILS]

With Russian officials claiming “Washington is ours,” things aren’t looking too good for America. On the other hand, we now know why Putin is currently very, very happy.

A leaked classified report just exposed what Putin’s getting in return for helping Trump. And let’s just say Putin’s coming out of this whole scandal as a huge winner.

The leaked report shows that Putin had two main requests of Trump. First, to ignore Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and secondly, to challenge the future of NATO in order to sow discord.

In this sense, Putin’s hacking of the election for Trump has been a huge success for Russia. Trump’s disgustingly minimized the Ukraine conflict and has dangerously downplayed the importance of NATO.

The bromance between Trump and Putin is not a bromance so much as it is a business relationship. Trump’s been non-committal on defending our Baltic NATO allies, and Putin has room to run rampant in Europe.

But there’s also some really bad news for this dastardly duo. The FBI has apparently been investigating Team Trump’s corrupt ties to Russia since the summer of 2016.

This FBI investigation threatens to unravel Trump’s treason once and for all. But Trump will likely close this investigation personally once he takes office in late January.

What is clear is that if nothing happens, both Trump and Putin are going to make a killing over the next four years. And it will be the rest of the free world that has to pay the price.

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