BOMBSHELL: What’s Happening In Puerto Rico Should End With Trump In Handcuffs

President’s Trump’s neglect of the crisis in Puerto Rico is criminal. His indifference is causing U.S. citizens to drink toxic water.

The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Maria. But Trump’s disastrous response to the storm is possibly even worse.

The power grid for the entire island was destroyed, leaving millions without power. And people haven’t had access to clean water or food.

Trump was slow to address the crisis, though. It took him days to lift the Jones Act so that the island could receive the supplies it needs.

And FEMA’s response has been slow as well. After three weeks, much of the island still doesn’t have access to potable water, and people are suffering from lack of medical care.

Some Puerto Ricans have become so desperate that they’re taking water from the worst of places. According to an EPA report, Puerto Ricans have started obtaining drinking water from hazardous Superfund sites.

These waters are horribly contaminated and dangerous to human health. But the people feel like they have to choose between dying of thirst now or toxic exposure later.

This is a horrible situation. No American should have to go through this.

Trump is literally going to kill Puerto Ricans off due to his lack of compassion. It’s enough to make one sick.

In the meantime, Trump and FEMA director Brock Long say the recovery effort is going great. And Trump awarded himself an A+ for his handling of the crisis.

That’s in spite of the fact that it took Trump two weeks to even bother to visit the ravaged island. And then Trump acted more like he was going on a vacation than observing a disaster zone.

For instance, Trump threw out paper towels to the crowd as if he was at a sporting event. He also downplayed the death toll and said this wasn’t “a real catastrophe like Katrina.”

POLL: Is Trump letting Puerto Ricans die?

The Trump administration hasn’t reacted quickly enough to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

So Puerto Ricans are dying from dehydration and resorting to drinking toxic water.

Is Trump letting Puerto Ricans die? Share your voice in this poll.

But Trump’s not content to let Puerto Ricans die a slow death. Now he wants to remove federal aid altogether.

Trump said in a Twitter storm yesterday, “We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!”

Trump said in his tweets that he’s more worried about the cost of the recovery than actually helping Puerto Ricans. He also blamed the bad infrastructure for the island’s current problems.

Yes, it’s true that Puerto Rico suffered from a budget crisis. And that took its toll on the territory’s infrastructure.

But Trump wants to use that an excuse to let these Americans suffer and die. This man is truly sick.

Experts say that it will take months and perhaps years for the island to recover. So it’s way too early for Trump to talk about pulling out the military and FEMA now.

The situation is desperate in Puerto Rico, but Trump’s bungling and indifference are killing more people. Help us expose this crime against Americans by sharing this story on Facebook.

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