JUST IN: Puerto Rico Issues Shock Warning, Trump Humiliated

Relief workers in Puerto Rico say the situation is dire. But President Trump says he’s done a great job and rated himself a 10 out of 10.

Trump spoke to reporters alongside Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello on Thursday. And of course, the situation in Puerto Rico came up.

A reporter asked Trump “between one and ten, how would you grade the White House response?” Of course, the egomaniac Trump gave himself the highest grade possible.

Trump said, “I say it was a 10.” Then Trump tried to justify what a great job he’s done.

But Trump’s response only centered on how bad the storm was. He really didn’t talk about his administration’s response to the crisis.

Trump mumbled, “I’d say it was probably it was the most difficult, um—when you talk about relief, when you talk about search, when you talk about all of the different levels, ah, and even when you talk about lives saved, if you look at the number.”

“I think it was worse than [Hurricane] Katrina, it was in many ways worse than anything people have ever seen,” continued Trump.

It’s hard to make out any sort of coherent statement from Trump’s rambling. He seemed to acknowledge that the storm was bad.

But he couldn’t point out how his administration handled it. So he turned to Rossello to bail him out.

Trump asked Rossello, “Did the United States, did our government, when we came in, did we do a great job?” Rossello, however, didn’t directly answer Trump’s question.

Instead, Rosello merely replied, “You responded immediately, sir.” Rosello didn’t have the guts to tell Trump how bad things really are.

For example, only 20 percent of the island has power. And clean water still isn’t available to 35 percent of the population.

Some residents have even turned to drinking toxic water from a federal Superfund site. The situation in Puerto Rico remains dire.

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Maybe Rossello chickened out because he still needs Trump’s help to restore his home. But he wasn’t ready to directly commend Trump on the job he’s done.

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Let’s face it, though, Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria was a disaster. It took weeks for the federal government to send aid when it should have taken days.

Puerto Ricans lost most of their infrastructure after the hurricane. They needed FEMA on the ground immediately to start handing out water and food.

And Trump didn’t even bother to visit the disaster site until about two weeks later. And he only seemed to go because of his critics.

Trump was more concerned about the Puerto Rican budget than dealing with this natural disaster. And he decided it was more important to pick a fight with the NFL than help U.S. citizens.

Trump may have given his performance a 10, but most Puerto Ricans would likely give his pathetic effort a one or zero. Share this post on Facebook if you agree!

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