ALERT: Puerto Rico Issues Powerful Order Directly to Trump

The governor of Puerto Rico just told Donald Trump off in a major way, and we ALL know it’s well-deserved. Trump’s response to the crises in Puerto Rico has been downright abysmal since day one, and Governor Rosselló is demanding that Trump treat the island’s calamities just like he treated the devastation in Texas and Florida—nothing more and nothing less.

The fact of the matter is that there is still an unfathomable amount of existential suffering on Puerto Rico right now, as the island struggles to cope with the aftermath of a once-in-a-century-storm AND an extraordinarily incompetent federal response courtesy of Supreme Leader Pumpkin King.

So Gov. Rosselló traveled to the White House this week to continue to lay down the case for increased aid to the island, to continue to explain that 80 percent of locales in Puerto Rico don’t have a functioning electrical grid and 28 percent of the populace have no access to clean water. You wouldn’t know it, though, by the sick way Trump was describing his VALIANT efforts.

Having the gall of a mad Roman emperor, Trump sat next to the governor in the White House and literally said that his administration should get an “A+” for their response to the disasters in Puerto Rico. WTF. This is unhinged vanity, unhinged insanity or some horrifying combination of the two.

But Gov. Rosselló wasn’t going to let the meeting go by without getting his call-to-action out. Right to Trump’s face, he demanded that Puerto Rico get the same level of federal response that Florida and Texas received after those states were hit by hurricanes.

“Give the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico the adequate resources,” the Gov. said. “Treat us the same as citizens in Texas and Florida and elsewhere, and we will come out of this stronger.” A stinging rebuke, to be sure, and one that isn’t and won’t be lost on Trump.

Look for the Orange Tyrant to be going on a Twitter rant in short order. You can just see it now:

Gov. Rosello comments sick, very unfair. We gave Puerto Rico more aid than any state ever. Historians already talking about it!

Right, not too off the mark. Trump is insane for thinking that his administration deserves an A+ for what has easily been the worst federal response to a national disaster in the U.S. in American history.

May God be with the Puerto Rican people. Because Donald Trump certainly is not.

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America unquestionably hangs in the balance during these dark days. Trump has plunged America to the verge of catastrophe, and he’s not slowing down.

This monster must be stopped; he has already caused deaths in Puerto Rico. Before things spiral beyond the point of no return, he MUST be stopped.

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