BREAKING: Petition Launched to Force TRUMP to Pay for the Damn Wall Himself

The American people and Learn Progress are launching a petition telling Donald Trump to pay for his wall across the Mexican border. We now know for a fact that Mexico paying for the wall was another Trump lie (if there was ever any doubt).

Donald Trump is trying to force the American people to pay for the wall. Well, we’re launching a petition to force Trump to pay for his ridiculous, xenophobic wall himself.

We hereby demand that Trump to pay for the wall’s construction with his own vast resources. You can sign the petition below to show your support for this demand.

As his lies about arresting Hillary Clinton were, we thought the wall was nothing but a campaign trick. No one with common sense really believed that Trump had any intention of following through on many of his ridiculous campaign promises.

Turns out, he actually does, and now he’s trying to get the American people to pay for it. We cannot allow that to happen.

Those who voted for him are also starting to see his lying nature — even if they choose to largely ignore it. Supporters are angry about his false promises on not touching Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid while Republicans had plans to dismantle them.

Donald Trump’s false promises will bite him in the butt. Now, the American people want him to pay for the wall, but does he have the resources to do it? Probably not.

Trump’s indebtedness to Russia and so many others is all over the news. However, if we can force Trump to pay for the wall — which he most likely cannot do — it will effectively kill it.

Donald Trump is a lying con artist. Many of those who voted for him see that now and realize the errors of their ways.

Please join Democrats and Progressives by signing this petition and working for his impeachment.

Petition to Force Trump to Pay for the Wall

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