WATCH: After Trump Was Booed, Watch ‘The People’s President’ Get Standing Ovation

Both candidates from the last election were in the public eye over the weekend. And the public’s reactions to each candidate were very different.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made the headlines over the weekend. Trump was booed and jeered, but Clinton was applauded and cheered.

Clinton attended the Broadway show “The Color Purple” with her family on Sunday. She received a standing ovation from the audience and cast while she was there.

Audience member Ross Rodham posted a video of Clinton’s reception on Twitter. Check out the video below.

The audience and cast gave Clinton not one, but two standing ovations at the performance. The people of this country clearly appreciate all her efforts.

The Golden Globes audience, on the other hand, loudly jeered and booed Trump. Meryl Streep even used her acceptance speech to criticize our narcissistic President-elect.

Thin-skinned Trump couldn’t take it. So he took to Twitter to attack Streep.

Trump called her overrated and a Clinton flunky.  His childish Twitter meltdown is just another example of why people despise him.

It’s clear from the events of the past weekend that we elected the wrong person as president. Please share this video and story on Facebook.

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