WATCH: Pence Secretly Prepares to Take the Oval Office as Trump Crashes Down.

Vice President Mike Pence has just done something no other VP has done before, and it looks like he’s getting ready to move into a bigger office soon. Pence’s actions show that he thinks Trump’s impeachment is imminent. 

Just this week, Mike Pence launched the Great America Committee. It’s a leadership PAC that will make it possible for Pence to drive money toward the 2018 midterms for Republican campaigners.

It’s extremely unusual for Veeps to create their own fundraising platforms like this while still in office. The two previous Veeps, Joe Biden and Dick Cheney, had no PACs while serving.

George H.W. Bush, however, did have a PAC while in office; he was revving up for his 1988 Presidential campaign. Now, many suspect that Mike Pence is also casting an eye on the Oval Office.

He may be called to sit down in the big chair sooner rather than later, as talk of impeaching Donald Trump has moved from the media to the floor of the House of Representatives.

According to political experts, launching a PAC is sometimes a sign that a politician is gearing up to run for a higher office. There’s just one office higher than Vice President in this country.

There is no law specifically barring a VP from launching a PAC or any other type of fundraising platform, and the lack of transparency in campaign funding makes it possible for the Veep to collect undisclosed amounts of cash from anywhere.

And Mike Pence has nothing to fear from Donald Trump, his boss. Though Trump has lived up to his reputation as the type of boss who fires his employees whenever the wind blows, the Vice President is the one person the President can never fire—no matter what.

Only Congress and the Senate can fire Pence, which they must agree to do by a two-thirds vote.

Should Trump get impeached and become the very first President to be removed from office by the Senate, Mike Pence is going to have a heck of an uphill battle on his hands.

Pence and the Republican party will be sullied by association if Trump is successfully impeached, and will face extremely tough elections in the 2018 midterms and 2020 Presidential election. Having a lot of money to throw around will help the GOP maintain their seats while they scramble to repair the damage done by Trump.

When looked at in that light, Pence’s PAC creation looks like a pretty shrewd political move…doesn’t it?

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Unlike Donald Trump, Mike Pence is an experienced politician. Though many disagree with the extreme right-wing policies he presented while serving as Governor of Indiana, it’s undeniable that Pence knows something about how the political machine works and how to run a successful campaign.

Right now, it looks as though Pence is sensing a change in the wind. And like any good politician, he’s getting ready for it. If Mike Pence thinks Trump is getting impeached, a lot of people who want that to happen should be feeling very hopeful right now.

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