BREAKING: Mike Pence BUSTED Spreading NASTY Fake News

Vice President Mike Pence was recently busted for using fake news to support Trumpcare. Pence is just as evil as the rest of the Trump administration.

It’s no secret that the Senate’s Trumpcare bill is in trouble. That’s because several Republican senators have reservations about its drastic cuts to government programs like Medicaid.

Several Republican governors have also spoken out about the bill. They don’t like the fact that it cuts federal money to pay for Medicaid.

So President Trump dispatched his loyal lapdog Mike Pence to drum up support for the Trumpcare bill. Pence started off his propaganda tour on Friday with a speech at the National Governors Association meeting in Providence, Rhode Island.

Pence tried to justify the need for Trumpcare by attacking Obamacare. He used outright lies, however, to do it.

For example, Pence talked about the Medicaid waiting lists in Ohio. According to Pence, tens of thousands of Ohioans are going without medical care thanks to Obamacare.

Pence said, “I know Gov. (John) Kasich isn’t with us, but I suspect that he’s very troubled to know that in Ohio alone, nearly 60,000 disabled citizens are stuck on waiting lists, leaving them without the care they need for months or even years.”

Pence continued, “Obamacare has put far too many able-bodied adults on the Medicaid rolls, leaving many disabled and vulnerable Americans at the back of the line. It’s true, and it’s heartbreaking.”

There’s just one problem with Pence’s stats, though.  They’re completely false.

And in a twist of irony, Republican Ohio Governor was among the first to call out Pence for this lie. His communications department quickly tweeted, “The claim is not accurate. It’s been fact checked twice.”

Kasich’s press secretary Jon Kelling also got in on the fun. He tweeted, “That’s what we call #fakenews.”

POLL: Is Mike Pence lying about Trumpcare?

Mike Pence recently tried to drum up support for the failing Trumpcare bill by lying that Obamacare is causing Ohio Medicare patients to lose benefits.

But Ohio Governor John Kasich quickly called Pence out on this blatant falsehood.

Are Pence and the Republicans lying about the need to repeal Obamacare? Tell us what you think in our poll.

Pence tried to defend his statement by pointing to a Wall Street Journal editorial. That editorial read, “Nearly 60,000 disabled Ohioans are on waiting lists that last for months or years to receive supplemental state services.”

But those Ohioans are on a waitlist for Medicaid waivers. It has nothing to do with people waiting to receive benefits.

Pence should have chosen a different state to lie about, however. That’s because Governor Kasich hates Trumpcare.

Kasich understands that Trumpcare will make premiums skyrocket, especially for seniors. It will also gut almost $800 billion from Medicare over ten years and cause many of the poor to lose benefits.

Trumpcare is so bad that Pence and the GOP have to spread lies to get it passed. But you can help us to expose their lies by sharing this story on Facebook.

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