BREAKING: Paul Manafort May Have Already Flipped On Trump

Now that the house of Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort has been raided by the FBI in conjunction with the Russiagate investigation, Manafort’s in a world of legal hurt and looking at YEARS of jail time. But it’s precisely this dynamic that’s led many political analysts to surmise that Manafort’s already flipped on Trump—it’d be Manafort’s only way to avoid major jail time.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller hasn’t hired the best white-collar prosecutors in America for no reason. These prosecutors specialize in “flipping” crooks to bring down criminal enterprises, so there’s no reason to think that’s not precisely what they are doing right now.

Many analysts believe that disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has already flipped on Trump, so it looks like Mueller is now hedging his bets on Manafort. The only thing better than one person being flipped is TWO people being flipped.

Indeed, Manafort’s now in virtually the same situation as Flynn. Both men have clearly been exposed as resorting to criminal behavior, and the only way they can avoid spending the rest of their lives in jail is if they cut a deal with Mueller to help bring down Trump once and for all.

This is undoubtedly the situation that Manafort finds himself in right now. Per the Palmer Report:

“While Manafort essentially admitted his guilt when he retroactively registered as a paid foreign agent, it’s never been clear how much legal leverage this particular crime gives Robert Mueller. Rarely is anyone prosecuted for violating the FARA act, as it’s essentially just a failure to file paperwork.”

“But now that we know Mueller is pursuing Manafort for the Bank Secrecy Act, that’s a whole different ballgame,” Palmer Report details. “Violating that law points to all kinds of underlying financial crimes – and so this raid points to Mueller bringing serious criminal charges against Manafort.”

“If Paul Manafort is indeed guilty of these kinds of financial crimes, he’ll be facing major prison time,” the outlet concludes. “His only option to leniency, by design in these kinds of multi-layer kingpin investigations, will be to testify against Donald Trump. Manafort may have first-hand information in everything from Trump’s election rigging to Trump’s own financial crimes.”

If Manafort flips, then Trump can kiss his entire life as he knows it goodbye. He’ll be finishing out his days in an orange jumpsuit, which should match his orange hair quite nicely.

We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled in the coming days to see what happens. But Manafort’s surely going to try and save himself, which spells Trump’s ultimate doom.

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People like Manafort are self-serving, so when it comes down to it, he probably won’t bat an eye at flipping on Trump. He’ll save himself even if it means he has to take the rest of Team Trump down to do it.

Mueller and his team are moving in for the kill. THIS is what justice is all about.

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