BREAKING: All Leads Point to Oval Office as Criminal Investigation Intensifies.

The criminal investigation into the ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials has officially reached the highest levels of our government. A current White House official is now a “significant person of interest,” in the investigation.

Investigators are now looking into a senior adviser who is close to Trump, The Washington Post’s source said. However, the source was not willing to further identify the source at this time.

At the break-neck speed which this investigation is moving, is could be a matter of weeks of even DAYS until the President himself becomes a significant person of interest. This is a massive step in that direction.

Right now, there are two tracks the Russia investigations are taking: counterintelligence and criminal. It seems like the criminal investigation is more active than ever and only picking up momentum.

The Post’s sources said that the investigation will only get more intense in the coming weeks.

Perhaps more of the information will become public as the investigation becomes more active and less about passive intelligence gathering.

While investigators are now looking into people currently in the White House, they have not forgotten about the people who used to work for Trump too.

The source emphasized that traitors like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are still under intense scrutiny as the investigation broadens. However, there is no denying how damning it is that CURRENT White House officials are now suspects.

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Investigators are not only focusing on former Trump aides, but current top officials are now persons of interest. Is this the beginning of the end for Team Trump?

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There are a number of people close to Trump who we know have ties to Russia. Any of them could be the significant person of interest.

There’s Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who failed to reveal his prior contacts with Russia. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have also had significant and inappropriate contact with Russian officials.

No matter who the person of interest is, it’s clear that we are one big step closer to finding the smoking gun on Trump himself.

Of course, we know that Trump will not go down without a fight. We in the Resistance must be ready to put up that fight in order to save our Democracy as we know it.

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