WATCH: Obama’s Message to Trump is Powerful. Trump Should Be Ashamed.

Donald Trump’s disdain of the intelligence community drew a sharp rebuke from President Obama. In spite of intelligence reports, though, Trump still places his trust and allegiance with Russia.

In an ABC interview, Obama warned Trump of consequences from ignoring the intelligence community and partisanship. Trump’s allegiance to Russia and partisanship will divide the country and endanger its security.

President Obama attacked Trump’s lack of faith with the intelligence agencies. He also stressed their importance at deciphering data during his administration.

In spite of Obama’s admonition and the intelligence reports, Trump continues to deny Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. He termed it business as usual since there are frequent hacks on government institutions.

Trump’s defense of Russia is a result of his financial involvement and indebtedness to the hostile country. He is a Russian hostage because of it.

There is ample evidence of this such as Trump laundering money for the Russians.  He also has many tax havens affiliated with Russia.

Partisanship in Congress also gives Trump a get out of jail free card. Congressional Republicans refuse to thoroughly investigate this treasonous Russian allegiance.

Trump’s involvement with the Russian government is a security threat to the USA. His rebuking or ignoring intelligence reports will result in a catastrophe.

Remember what happened when George Bush, Jr. ignored intelligence reports? The 9/11 tragedy occurred. We must hold Trump and our Congressional leaders accountable for this treasonous lack of respect for the intelligence agencies.

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