Obama Gives Trump a “Special Gift” Before Leaving White House. It’s Perfect.

As Obama leaves office, it’d be easy for him to be spiteful toward his replacement, Donald Trump. Instead, however, Obama has given Trump a gift that all Americans should absolutely rejoice over.

And it turns out that this gift isn’t a material one, but an economic one. That’s right, Obama is gifting Trump an economy whose jobless claims are the lowest they’ve been in four decades.

Obama couldn’t enjoy the same gift when he became president because Bush gave him an economy that was bleeding jobs. So Obama’s perfect gift to Trump is an economy that is strong and robust.

According to the Labor Department, Americans haven’t applied for such little unemployment benefits since 1973. Indeed, for 89 straight weeks, unemployment filings haven’t risen over 300,000…thanks, Obama.

For an election that was apparently about jobs, jobs, jobs, it’s strange that Trump won. Strange because Obama and the Democrats have done such a great job at taking a ruined economy and making it blossom.

When Obama first came to office in 2009 unemployment in America was at 9.3 percent. As he’s leaving, unemployment is at an astonishing 4.9 percent – so Trump owes Barack a big fat thank you.

Under Trump, though, this fantastic economic progress is sure to die out for 99 percent of Americans. Undoubtedly the only people who are going to benefit from Trump’s presidency are the billionaire class.

Trump is going to give tax breaks to the rich while the rest of us suffer. On that note, we sure would love to have Obama as president for the next four years instead of Mr. Demagogue.

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