BREAKING: With Only Days Left, Barack Obama Does What Trump Would NEVER Do

In the final days of his administration, President Obama continued his fight for civil rights. He signed a bill that would reopen civil rights cases prior to 1970.

This reopening will allow the FBI to investigate cases during the Jim Crow era of America’s past.  This reopening of cases will also provide closure for families of crimes that were left unsolved by the FBI.

The bill, titled the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes bill, is named after a 14-year old African-American boy who was lynched after allegedly whistling at a white woman. The two white men who murdered Till were found not guilty by an all-white jury.

Such cases were common prior to 1970 and were investigated by many groups. Obama’s bill will also provide funding for these groups, such as the Emory University’s Georgia Civil Rights Cold Case Project, to continue investigations into past civil rights crimes.

Such actions in the past and present resulted in the Black Lives Matter movement. With an upswing in civil rights violations today, such as shootings of unarmed black youth, men, and women, we must not allow history to repeat itself.

This is important because we MUST be wary of Donald Trump’s comments regarding race. These are the kinds of comments that will roll back years of civil rights accomplishments. And we have every reason to believe they’ll turn into action, too.

The appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney general is also a bad sign for civil rights. Sessions’ disregard of civil rights is known, such as his appointment as a federal judge being denied because of his racism.

Obama’s bill will provide closure for some families, but we need to be concerned about the present. Such racists as Steve Bannon having influential posts in the Trump administration could set back decades of advances in civil rights.

It is up to us to monitor the actions of the Trump administration in civil rights matters. Continue following this site to stay informed on Trump’s ridiculous racism that will require action on your part. Together, and with the support of agencies as the ACLU, we can assure that civil rights advances are not trashed by this incoming racist and his cronies.

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