BREAKING: Obama Receives Major Honor Before Leaving Office. Trump is Furious.

The American people really like President Obama, and a new poll reveals it. The prestigious Associated Press–NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll gave President Obama a 57% favorable rating.

This poll shows Obama as one of the most popular presidents in modern American history. Obama’s favorable rating is monumental when compared to Trump’s dismal numbers.

These favorable poll results are quite a jump from Obama’s December 2014 numbers, which were at 41%. The numbers are far better than those of former president George W. Bush.

Of course, the numbers are divided along party lines. Many Republicans still believe that Obama is from Kenya and he is a Muslim — you just can’t fix stupid.

Obama also polled well among African-Americans. Many, though, believed that their lives did not improve under Obama and that he tried to keep his promises but failed.

Imagine how good things would be if the Republican obstructionism never happened and Obama’s vision for America succeeded. There would be a higher minimum wage, universal health care, and Americans would not be so divided.

We also await Donald Trump’s reactions to these numbers. His little fingers will work overtime dissing the poll and how he is more popular with the American people. The numbers don’t lie, Donald, but you do.

There is a world of difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. One worked for the American people in the face of obstruction while the other is a self-centered narcissist with personality disorders.

The Obama Administration’s respectable, scandal-free tenure is coming to an end. Its replacement, though, is already scandal-ridden and corrupt. How we will miss the good old days on January 21.

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