BREAKING: Obama Letter Surfaces To Humiliate Trump – No One Was Supposed To See THIS

The former President Barack Obama won over many hearts by writing letters to our recently naturalized Americans. It is moments like these that make us wish a president could run for three terms. 

When people from other countries become naturalized American citizens, they usually get a letter from the president. These ceremonies that occur across the globe, which welcome our new fellow citizens, receive letters from the president.

However, some recent letters were signed by Barack Obama and not Trump. What the hell is going on here?

A columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, saw in her British-born husband’s letter that the letter was signed by Barack Obama and not by Trump. She tweeted this and found it rather amusing.


The USCIS Press Secretary Gillian Christensen had said that “the packets signed by Obama were an administrative oversight.”

This is a fair argument, as Maria Elena Upson, a spokeswoman for the agency, informed the Arizona Republic, “it typically takes several months for a new letter and video message to be produced.”

Apparently, 200 letters were left over from the last administration. 200 of the 300,000 naturalized citizens so far under Trump’s administration received one of these letters.

What are your thoughts about Obama’s letters to our new American citizens? How fed up with Trump are you?

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I think it is safe to say that a letter from Obama is much more preferable than a letter from Trump. One can only imagine what he would say to our new Americans.

Still, it is unbelievable that the Trump administration would make such a silly oversight. How hard is it to double-check the signature on the bottom of a letter?

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