BREAKING: Obama Discovers Brilliant Way to STOP TRUMP Like Nobody Else

President Obama has been the best leader in American history. His first election made history, and he continued to be the steady guiding hand we need to get through the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

He’s better than Donald Trump in every way and he just proved it againPresident Obama just figured out a brilliant way to STOP Donald Trump that no one else can do.

President Obama is sanctioning the Russian entities that have been identified as being responsible for the hacks. But that’s not all he’s doing to stop Trump.

He has also permanently banned oil and gas drilling across major areas of the Atlantic AND Arctic oceans. He’s closed off 1.6 million acres of Western land to development. And he’s banned a registration system that would be used largely on Muslim immigrants.

By now, most people know about Donald Trump’s crazy, ridiculous affection for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Trump hasn’t been shy about talking about it either.

Russia hacked the election to get Trump in the White House. For what purpose, we don’t know yet and we hope we never have to find out.

However, President Obama isn’t going to allow Trump’s weird affinity for the Russian dictator destroy America; not if he can help it. So he’s doing something about it.

Every one of America’s intelligence agencies has concluded that Russia, and the Kremlin, were behind the hacks that got Donald Trump elected. Nothing has been done about it, though, until now.


He also went directly after Trump by claiming that he could have easily won a third term. He’s absolutely right; most Americans prefer Obama to Trump by a wide margin.

This has ticked Trump off and he responded, as he usually does, on Twitter:

Poor baby. Did the big, bad, mean ol’ president hurt your itty bitty feelings?

This is ridiculous. This, from the KING of derogatory, inflammatory insults.

While Obama has been taking actions to try and Trump-proof America to protect the American people from a devastating Trump Administration, Trump is nursing his feelings because the President said he would win a hypothetical situation.


We support these actions by President Obama, 100%. We wish he had another 4 years left. Please share this story on Facebook and let’s make sure that everyone is aware of what our President is doing to stop Donald Trump.

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