ALERT: NFL Star Destroys Anti-1st Amendment Cowboys Owner

Former NFL superstar wide receiver Cris Carter just BLASTED Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ unhinged hypocrisy for Jones’ decision to bench any NFL players that “disrespect the flag.” Carter’s point? Jones has looked the other way for countless crimes his players have committed, but now he outrageously can’t stomach peaceful and lawful protests.

Speaking on his FS1 program this week, Carter couldn’t sit back and hold his tongue any longer. The Hall of Fame wide receiver called Jerry Jones the ultimate hypocrite for having no problem with players who have committed domestic violence but having a major problem with peacefully protesting players.

“This is my problem with Jerry Jones because I have seen Jerry back players that did things that are unlawful,” Carter started. “I’m talking about years Jerry Jones has supported players that had issues off the field.”

“So now his players—involved with the other 1,600 players around the league—there’s a social issue. It’s amazing how Jerry won’t support the players for this. It’s peaceful. It’s lawful. The players have the right to do it.”

“But [Jones] won’t support them for this,” Carter continued. “But he’ll support all the other crazy stuff that’s happened in Dallas over the last 30 years. Jerry supported the players on all those things.”

“[With] Jerry, it’s about him. There’s nothing bigger in Jerry’s life than that star on the [Cowboys] helmet. He’s about that brand. He’s not about those players. And I hope the players are able to see this.”

Carter’s right on the money—pun intended. Jerry Jones couldn’t care less about his players, but what he DOES care about is how much money they’ll make him. So Carter’s final powerful point was that players should consider not playing for Jones’ Cowboys going forward.

“I’ll tell you what the players do have,” Carter concluded. “The players next year, when they’re free agents, they can make a decision—do I want to come to Dallas? When my contract expires, do I want to play for an owner that makes a mandate that I have to stand for the national anthem and totally against what some of the players want to do?”

We’re with Carter. NFL players should do everything they can to avoid playing for Jerry Jones in the years ahead. He stands against the players by supporting Trump’s agenda—not with them.

You’d think a national debate around FREE SPEECH wouldn’t be necessary in America in 2017. Think again, though—this is Trumpworld.

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These NFL players aren’t disrespecting the flag. They’re respecting the JUSTICE that it’s supposed to represent and the standards that it symbolizes.

How dare Jerry Jones try to punish his players for their free speech. And bravo to Carter for standing up to the crook so defiantly.

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