WATCH: Michelle Obama Breaks Her Silence, Destroys Trump With 1 Perfect Question.

The Resistance has gained the support of the former first lady. Michelle Obama spoke out against Trump and his disregard for childhood nutrition and asked what we’ve all been thinking about Trump: what is wrong with you?

Michelle Obama worked hard during her reign as First Lady to chisel away at the childhood obesity epidemic. Michelle Obama cooperated with Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) to pass legislation requiring schools to follow nutritional guidelines that would ensure healthy school meals for children.

With the implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, schools were well on their way to reducing child obesity and hunger. The Trump administration has shown that they do not care about these important issues that plague the nation’s children.

Trump recently attacked Michelle Obama’s legacy by seeking to repeal the guidelines she worked so hard to put in place. She is now speaking out against the Trump administration’s attempt to destroy all her positive progress.

This one perfect question sums it all up. “What is wrong with you?” asked Michelle Obama, referring to Trump without directly mentioning his name.

Michelle is showing that even though she is no longer gracing the White House with her presence, “Mama Bear Michelle” will do anything to protect our children. She broke her silence at the Partnership for a Healthier America, telling the audience, “If we want to make this country great, our kids need to be healthy.”

“You want to talk about nanny state and government intervention, well, ‘you just buy the food and be quiet and you don’t need to know what is in it. That is essentially what a move like this is saying to you moms,” she continued.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act standards are currently in place, and with over 99% of American schools following these guidelines, the Act is showing significant positive results. Children are receiving more nutritious lunches, thereby helping to minimize the childhood obesity epidemic.

Furthermore, impoverished children whose families may not be able to afford three square meals a day are getting at least one healthy meal while they are at school.

Trump doesn’t care about child obesity or hunger. He wants to repeal the established guidelines.

THIS is one thing Trump doesn’t want to go to war with Michelle over. She’ll DESTROY him.

Michelle Obama posted on Twitter, “Think abt why someone is ok w/ your kids eating crap.” We know why.

The Trump administration wants to cut programs like the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act so he can put money back in his pockets and provide tax breaks for the rich.

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Don’t let the Trump regime get away with their attempted assault on childhood nutrition. Michelle Obama made some impressive progress during her time as First Lady and that should not be undermined. Trump cannot get away with attacking Michelle Obama’s legacy.

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