BREAKING: Michelle Obama Defies Trump, Makes THIS Powerful Promise To America.

Today, former First Lady Michelle Obama reminded the American people that we are not alone. Michelle has promised that she and former President Barack Obama will continue to champion issues that matter to them, including girls’ education.

The announcement comes on the heels of recent news regarding “Let Girls Learn,” the education program created by Michelle Obama while she was serving as First Lady.

Michelle Obama created Let Girls Learn in 2015 to provide educational opportunities for young people in developing countries. The program has been in the headlines most recently after it appeared on an internal White House memo.

Previously, it was reported that an internal White House memo stated the Let Girls Learn program would be ended. Reports said that Trump wanted to stop the program immediately.

Now, the White House is denying these reports. In an official White House statement to the public, they say that “there have been no changes to the program.”

The statement does not address the future of the program, however, and makes no assurances that it will continue in its present form.

There are more than 62 million young girls around the world who do not attend school. In some countries, less than 10 percent of teenage girls complete secondary education. There are parts of the world where girls are not allowed to attend school.

The Let Girls Learn program is part of the Peace Corps. In a recent letter, acting Peace Corps director Sheila Crowley announced that the Peace Corps would not continue to use the Let Girls Learn program or maintain it as a stand-alone program.

But Michelle and Barack Obama will continue to fight for their program and for girls’ education around the world, according to the recent tweet from the former FLOTUS.

America’s current First Lady, Melania Trump, has not officially moved into the White House. Her most recent Twitter activity includes liking a tweet that made fun of Trump, the wall he wants to build and Melania’s marriage. The “like” disappeared shortly after it was clicked from Melania’s account.

As First Lady, Melania has announced that she plans to address cyberbullying. She says she will be a “very traditional” First Lady, “like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy.” Unlike Michelle, Melania has not spent much time in the public eye.

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The Let Girls Learn program is only one of many initiatives created by the Obamas that are likely to be killed by the Trump Administration.

Team Trump also plans to change the federal school lunch program created by Michelle Obama. The White House has not responded to requests for comments regarding this change.

Trump has made it clear that he wants to cut many programs created by the Obamas. Most notably, Trump wants to end the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and replace it with new healthcare legislation of his own.

Do you support Let Girls Learn? Share this story and spread the word. If enough people get angry and speak out, maybe Donald Trump will change his mind about ending this incredible program.

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