Megyn Kelly: Trump Tried to Bribe Me With Weird Gift

Megyn Kelly has confirmed to the media that Donald Trump clearly tried to bribe her to influence her coverage of him, showing a level of corruption that is difficult to comprehend.

Trump tried to bribe Kelly with all sorts of creepy gifts, including even hotel stays at his entertainment properties. In this case, the bribery attempt didn’t work.

PBS reports that Kelly explains Trump offered to pay for a “girl’s weekend” for her at his New York City hotel (where he lives, ew!) or fly her down to his resort. Not only is this kind of thing extremely creepy, it’s also highly offensive.

Kelly also verified that this was actually part of a strategy that Trump used to manipulate the news coverage of him. Trump tried to pay off others with gifts, and his demeaning comments and public shaming of other credible media sources were designed to punish people for speaking up for the truth.

While this didn’t work on Megyn Kelly, it did work for some other sleazeball at the network. The day before one of the debates Trump called an executive at Fox News and revealed that he had been told about at least one of the debate questions.

While falsely accusing Hillary of receiving debate questions before the debate, Trump’s supporters have ignored their orange leader’s ACTUAL attempts to manipulate the media. The hypocrisy is shocking!

To summarize, Megyn Kelly herself has confirmed that Donald Trump tried to use open corruption and bribes to control her. It didn’t work.

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