WATCH: Maddow Humiliates Trump With 3-Word Question. What’s YOUR Answer?

Rachel Maddow just embarrassed the Trump administration with a simple 3-word question. She asked if Trump was “stupid or nefarious?”

Maddow started off her show on Tuesday by discussing an article by editor Gideon Rose in Foreign Policy magazine. In the article, Rose blasts the White House for its numerous lies, screw-ups, and missteps.

Maddow talks about how unusual this behavior is for a Presidential Administration.

“But ordinary White Houses do not repeatedly lie, declare war on mainstream media institutions, pursue radical goals while disdaining professional input, and refused to accept independent scrutiny,” Maddow said. “How seriously you take these behaviors depends on how you assess the motivation behind them, generating a game some have taken to calling ‘Stupid or nefarious?’”

It’s a question that Maddow asked as well last February. Back then the Trump administration was just getting started with its incompetent actions and stupid antics.

Maddow decided to revisit the question now that Trump’s presidency is nearing the 100-day mark. It’s worth taking another look at how badly the Trump administration has performed and what the possible reasons are.

Just in the past month, Trump launched an ineffective missile strike against Syria after he promised that he wouldn’t. He’s also made dangerous threats against aspiring nuclear power North Korea.

He told the media that he was sending an “armada” to southeast Asia to protect our interests and allies there. Then we found out that this battle group was in Australia for joint military exercises instead.

And who can forget Trump’s epic failure on healthcare reform? Trump couldn’t even repeal and replace Obamacare, despite the fact that the GOP controls both Congress and the White House.

Rose also asked of Trump’s presidency, “Do slow appointments signal poor management or a deliberate attempt to ‘deconstruct the administrative state,’ as Trump guru Steve Bannon says? Is dismissing experienced senior officials en masse just a clumsy way of handling a presidential transition or a purge of potential obstacles and whistleblowers?”

POLL: Is Team Trump dangerous?

Whether Trump is evil or just plain stupid, he’s a danger to our country and the world.

His actions have nearly caused WWIII, harmed relations with our allies, and caused the deaths of innocent civilians.

Has Trump made the world more dangerous? Share your opinion in our poll.

Rose is right to question Trump’s real motivations. Trump has managed to roll back several regulations, and he’s gutting the EPA and several other vital government agencies.

He did it while we were distracted by his war against the media and his lies about former president Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Perhaps Trump’s actually as nefarious as he is stupid?

Trump’s surely a con man. That’s what helped him get into the White House.

Trump’s also a master of misdirection. He can use his lies and ridiculous claims to distract the nation from his damaging executive orders and the Russia scandal.

But some of Trump’s mistakes show a laughable level of incompetence. It’s clear, for instance, that he doesn’t understand how to handle diplomacy with foreign leaders.

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