A progressive America is a country where all people are treated with respect, have economic dignity, and are empowered regardless of race, gender, orientation, or economic class.

To achieve these ends, we release our following demands.

1. Abolish the Electoral College.

The Electoral College was created to give more power to slave states by lowering the value of each individual vote in the right circumstances. Defending and protecting racist political figures like Donald Trump was the goal.

Abolish the Electoral College, institute a direct vote for the presidency, and achieve actual democracy

2. Free College Education for All.

The powerful use ignorance to control the masses. This is why Donald Trump did well with uneducated voters. To set the people free, they must be educated.

Provide a free college education for all individuals in America, regardless of age or legal status.

3. Universal Healthcare for All.

4. Ban All Semi-Automatic Death Machines.

5. Ban Racial Profiling by Police.

6. Double Taxes on Billionaires.

7. Ban All Inheritance Over $1 Billion.

8. Immediate Citizenship for All Non-Felon Undocumented Workers.

9. Tax Religious Organizations.