BREAKING: Monica Lewinsky just SPOKE OUT against Scaramucci.

Just when we thought we’d heard the last of Anthony Scaramucci, he returned this week with a bizarre tweet comparing New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza to Linda Tripp. Of course, if that’s the case, that makes Scaramucci the Monica Lewinksy in this situation.

Well, it turns out that Monica Lewinsky was just as baffled by Scaramucci’s strange outburst as the rest of us. So she took to Twitter to respond in the best way possible.

Scaramucci served as Trump’s White House communications director for less than two weeks. During his brief tenure, he made headlines for his profane, rambling interview with Ryan Lizza.

In that interview, Scaramucci called Reince Priebus a “paranoid schizophrenic” and made several off-color comments about other members of the Trump administration. Within a few days, Trump and his new Chief of Staff John Kelly showed Scaramucci the door.

Linda Tripp, as you may remember, was Lewinsky’s best friend before the infamous White House scandal during the Clinton administration. She notably recorded conversations between herself and Lewinsky detailing the then-White House intern’s relationship with president Bill Clinton.

Unlike Linda Tripp, however, Ryan Lizza is an actual journalist who recorded his call with “The Mooch” to make sure he got his quotes right. Not only that, but their conversation was on the record—which Lizza confirmed several times.

Still, Scaramucci decided to cast himself as Lewinsky this week, and she responded with a single emoji. Despite the brevity of her tweet, she really summed up everyone’s reaction.

Scaramucci just doesn’t seem capable of learning from his mistakes. Instead of quietly moving on from his firing, he’s doubling down—and the fallout is just embarrassing.

In a White House filled with backbiting, incompetent loudmouths, “The Mooch” seems hell-bent on making himself the loudest and most inept—even though he’s no longer an employee of the administration. Even after security escorted him off of White House grounds, he’s still managing to embarrass the administration.

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We’d like to hope that this is the last we’ll hear from Anthony Scaramucci, but somehow we doubt it. People like him crave attention, even if it’s negative. So that means we can likely expect his very public meltdown to continue for weeks, if not months.

But make no mistake: Trump and his cronies would love to keep America focused on Scaramucci. These distractions keep us from focusing on the Russiagate scandal and Trump’s warmongering.

We should all follow Monica Lewinsky’s lead when it comes to dealing with the latest Team Trump distraction: dismiss it and move on. We all need to focus our energies on the real fight in the weeks and months ahead.

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