BREAKING: Leaked “Smoking Gun” Documents of Trump’s Treason Just Released.

There is more definite proof that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. The order to influence the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor came DIRECTLY from the Kremlin.

According to Reuters, U.S. intelligence officials learned that the plan to influence the 2016 election came from Russia’s Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS). RISS is a “think tank” that reports directly to Russian Dictator Putin. According to Reuters:

“[The 7 intelligence officials] described two confidential documents from the think tank as providing the framework and rationale for what U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded was an intensive effort by Russia to interfere with the Nov. 8 election.”

RISS issued one of the documents above in June of last year. It outlined how Putin could use Russian media to spread pro-Russian propaganda on media.

And the propaganda spread to social media would “‘encourage U.S. voters to elect a president who would take a softer line toward Russia than the administration of then-President Barack Obama,’ those 7 U.S. officials confirmed.”

It is common knowledge that Putin did not like Hillary Clinton. He blamed her for the sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama Administration.

Clinton also hit a bad nerve with Putin when she truthfully called the Russian elections rigged. Putin blamed her for causing the massive demonstrations in Russia against the election results.

And this leads to the second document, which RISS circulated in October. It warned the Kremlin that “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was likely to win the election,” and urged them to modify the operation from one that was Pro-Trump, to one that attacked the democratic process itself.

It stated that propaganda supporting Trump should evolve into “messaging about voter fraud to undermine the U.S. electoral system’s legitimacy and damage Clinton’s reputation in an effort to undermine her presidency.”

It’s clear that Putin always supported Trump over Clinton. The report continued:

”’Putin had the objective in mind all along, and he asked the institute to draw him a road map,’ said one of the sources, a former senior U.S. intelligence official. Four of the officials said the approach outlined in the June strategy paper was a broadening of an effort the Putin administration launched in March 2016.

That month the Kremlin instructed RT, Sputnik, and other news agencies to start producing positive reports on Trump’s quest for the U.S. presidency, the officials said.”

POLL: Is Trump a Russian plant?

This smoking gun from Reuters is evidence that Putin wanted Trump as president. Putin recognized the narcissistic Trump as one he could influence with a little flattery.

Putin also knew that Clinton would not bow to him as Trump would. If he wanted a puppet for president, Trump was his man, so he backed Trump’s election.

Is Trump nothing but Putin’s puppet? Let your voice be heard in the poll below.

For months, Trump denied Russian involvement in the 2016 election. But there’s no denying it now. The evidence that Team Trump colluded with Russia is overwhelming.

His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, resigned after the media revealed his ties with Russia. He was a lobbyist for pro-Russian influences in Ukraine.

Trump had to fire his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn after the media and his lawyers revealed his Russian ties. And the influence even spread to his family.

Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser, Jared Kushner, will testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He will explain his meetings with the Russians.

Without a doubt, Putin supported Trump. Putin also unleashed a propaganda campaign to assure that his buddy Trump won the presidential election.

With all the unfolding evidence, Congress must thoroughly investigate and impeach Trump. His close ties to Putin threaten our national security and democracy.

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