BREAKING: Leaked Pics Confirm Trump’s Corrupt Ties to Russia. People Need to See.

Donald Trump is lying to the American people when he says that he has no ties to Russia. Each passing day this disgusting lie becomes more and more obvious.

Turns out that Trump’s son Donald Jr. gave a keynote speech at a Moscow Summit in 2008. Worse yet, Donald Jr.’s fellow speakers and audience members were filled with Putin’s senior staff.

Leaked pictures are now circulating the web that show how Mini Trump was a key player at Putin’s summit. The event was billed as a real estate conference, but we know we can’t take the Russians at face value.

What if Team Trump has been planning its coup with the Russians since 2008? These latest revelations show that Trump’s connections to Putin are even more entrenched than we’ve previously realized.

“We have repeatedly heard from the Trump campaign … that no one in the family has conducted business in Russia,” said Democratic operative Scott Dworkin. “We have to ask ourselves when do we stop taking Trump’s word and start looking at the facts?”

Team Trump has definitely done business both with and in Russia. And if nothing else, these latest leaked photos of Donald Jr. show that the Trumps have been cozying up in Moscow for years now.

When you meet with the senior staff of a world leader, you make plans. So now we know Putin and Trump have been working together at least for eight years, if not more.

These revealing pictures are an absolute outrage. We’ve got enough evidence against Trump that impeachment is all but a certainty in the weeks ahead.

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