BREAKING: Leaders Secretly Scrambling To Fix Trump’s Deadly Mistake

Behind the scenes, American diplomatic leadership in the State Department has been working overtime to undo Donald Trump’s reckless rhetoric toward North Korea and the political fallout it’s caused. In a bit of reassuring news, word has leaked out that a senior U.S. envoy has been maintaining backchannel communications with the Hermit Kingdom in order to defuse the nuclear ramifications of Trump’s recent blustering.

The envoy in question is U.S. diplomat Joseph Yun, who is the leading liaison between our nation and North Korea’s ambassador to America, Pak Song Il. Yun and Song have already established a working relationship, as these two men were responsible for negotiating the release of an Ohio student, Otto Warmbier, from North Korean captivity earlier this year.

Thus in an unprecedented dynamic, the Associated Press is now reporting that Yun and Song have continued to backchannel long after Warmbier’s return. Yun’s goal is to actually maintain dialogue and diplomacy amidst the nuclear tensions that have been rising between America and North Korea over the past few weeks.

This backchannel has taken on extreme importance in light of North Korea’s recent miniaturization of a nuclear warhead and Trump’s own threats of nuclear war against the small rogue state. On Tuesday this week, Trump’s threats inched the whole world closer to catastrophe.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday. “He has been very threatening beyond a normal state, and as I said they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

With reckless and dangerous rhetoric like this, thank God that Joseph Yun is working behind the scenes to defuse the diplomatic tensions that are ongoing with North Korea. If it wasn’t for him, NO ONE would be in the position to diplomatically mitigate Trump’s threats.

How sad is it that our diplomats have to work in the shadows to do the opposite of what our president is saying in public. Trump is NOT a leader—he’s an emotionally unhinged provocateur who is more concerned with his own feelings than with world peace.

Now, there’s no guarantee that Yun’s diplomacy will prevent this crisis from spiraling out of control in the long-term. But it is comforting to know that SOMEONE is trying to defuse this crisis in the short-term, even if it’s just through dialogue.

War should ALWAYS be a last resort. Diplomacy must be totally exhausted before American troops are put in harm’s way.

Yun needs to keep doing what he’s doing. Let’s all hope and pray that that’s enough to keep the dogs of war at bay for now.

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It’s like the entire U.S. government is currently working around the fact that Donald Trump is our president. It’s a shame and speaks volumes on Trump’s incompetence.

Impeachment is our ONLY recourse for the foreseeable future. We must rally for Trump’s ouster before it’s too late.

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