BREAKING: Lawyer Files New Lawsuit to TAKE DOWN TRUMP. The Fight is Just Beginning.

With investigations into Trump’s wrongdoings closing in from every direction, the last thing he needs is another lawsuit – but that’s exactly what he’s getting. Now, one patriotic lawyer is determined to expose Trump for LYING on his 2016 financial disclosure statements.

Washington attorney Jeffrey Lovitky typically handles healthcare lawsuits, but he’s had ENOUGH of Trump’s lies and deceit. He’s pressing forward with Lovitky v. Trump, and if he wins, then Trump will be FORCED to fully disclose all of his financial debts.

There are numerous ongoing lawsuits around the nation aimed at fighting Trump’s violations of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause. Lovitky’s lawsuit is different in kind, though.

He’s suing to expose the truth about Trump’s clearly inaccurate financial disclosures. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Trump inappropriately mixed up his personal and business debts on his 2016 disclosure forms, which suggests that Trump was trying to HIDE his grave conflicts of interest.

Lovitky’s not suing for money, either. The only thing he’s seeking is for Trump to refile his 2016 disclosure forms, and ACCURATELY this time.

If we can see how much debt Trump has, then we can know who REALLY owns Trump. Thus Lovitky’s case is a fast-track to knowing ALL of Trump’s conflicts of interests once and for all.

“It’s mostly the fact that with this president there are very serious concerns about conflicts of interest in this particular administration,” Lovitky said. “I think it’s important that those concerns be addressed thoroughly.”

“Really the question is concerning the liabilities held by [Trump’s corporations],” he said. “We just need more information to be able to know whether or not those are personal or business liabilities.”

“If you just look at the statement on its face, all those liabilities are assumed to be personal liabilities,” Lovitky concluded. “I just do not think that’s the case … I have information that says otherwise.”

What Lovitky wants to know, and what the American people DESERVE to know, is if Trump has any financial debts that would corruptly motivate his foreign policy moves. At this point, it’s unfathomable to think that the Orange Tyrant DOESN’T.

When you lie on official forms, it’s because you’re trying to hide something. Now is the time to find out what Trump’s REALLY hiding from the American people.

These days it seems like Trump is serving everyone EXCEPT everyday Americans. We have a right to know who exactly Trump is really serving.

Trump’s debts are in the hundreds of millions. It’s obvious that he’s just using the presidency to climb out of his financial straits, and the nation should know that it’s being used.

In these days of tyranny, the fate of our country lies in the hands of Lovitky and the rest of us in the Resistance. We have the power to kick Trump out of the White House – we just have to keep the pressure up on the Orange Tyrant by tirelessly exposing his abuses.

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