WATCH: South Korean Newscast Humiliates “Ignorant” Trump on International TV

South Korea’s Arirang News just skewered Donald Trump over his latest outrageously false remark that Korea “used to be a part of China.” This is direct proof that Trump’s reckless ignorance is endangering America’s most crucial diplomatic alliances.

In recent days, Trump has been botching his handling of North Korea left and right. But just in case that wasn’t enough, he’s now officially alienated our South Korean allies by incorrectly claiming that Korea was historically owned by China.

Not only is this comment ridiculously untrue, but it shows how Trump is shifting America away from its alliances in Europe and Asia and toward Russia and China. And make no mistake, our allies in South Korea have taken notice, and they aren’t pleased.

Arirang’s recent broadcast on Trump’s incendiary remarks shows just how inflammatory and damaging the Orange Tyrant is being on the world stage:

“U.S. Pres. Donald Trump is coming under fire in South Korea for some ignorant remarks he made about Korea’s being part of China, which, in fact, it never was.

The South Korean government has dismissed President Trump’s controversial remark that Korea was once part of China. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping as telling him that Korea used to be part of China.

An official from Seoul’s Foreign Ministry said the comment was untrue and not worthy of response. The official added that it’s a historic fact that Korea has never been part of China, and this is something acknowledged by the international community.

It’s not confirmed whether these were the exact words President Xi used or a misunderstanding on President Trump’s part, or even an interpretation error. Whatever the case, pundits say that the fact Trump made such a remark during a media interview reflects his lack of understanding about Korea.”

Our allies deserve better than Trump’s ignorance. And the American people certainly deserve better than this, too.

At this rate, Trump is going to irreversibly damage ALL of America’s diplomatic relations. The Idiot-in-Chief is a walking, talking diplomatic wrecking ball.

It’s clear that our president has no idea what he’s doing or what he’s talking about. And as such, the American people should have the right to pick a new, competent president accordingly.

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