BREAKING: John McCain Reveals Bombshell Trump Scandal

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) just released another bombshell about President Trump. McCain says the Trump administration hasn’t been honest about the Niger attack.

A group of Army Green Berets was on patrol with the Nigerian Army on October 5. Several heavily armed insurgents, however, ambushed the group.

The attackers killed four U.S. soldiers, along with five Nigerians. And we still don’t know who the attackers were affiliated with.

McCain’s not satisfied with the administration’s account of the attack, though. He thinks Trump and his team haven’t been upfront about the incident.

So he wants a Senate investigation into the attack. McCain’s determined to get to the bottom of this.

Reporters asked McCain if an investigation was really necessary. But McCain insisted we need an investigation to find all the facts.

The senator said he wanted to have “all the information that he deserves and needs. Then you decide whether an investigation is needed or not.”

He continued, “That’s why we’re called the Senate armed services committee. It’s because we have oversight of our military. So we deserve to have all the information.”

This sounds like bad news for Trump. His team is already under investigation for possibly colluding with the Russians during the last election.

Now the Senate could open another investigation into the administration. And it doesn’t sound like McCain’s about to pull any punches.

He won’t even wait until the Justice Department completes its investigation. “It may require a subpoena,” said McCain.

McCain’s been a thorn in Trump’s side since the start. He defied Trump on health care, and he’s prepared to take on Trump over his mishandling of the military.

McCain probably has bad memories about Trump’s first military raid. U.S. forces attacked a Yemeni village without proper precautions or intelligence.

As a result, 30 innocent Yemeni citizens died. And the Trump administration did its best to cover up the facts.

POLL: Is the White House lying about the deadly attack in Niger?

Senator John McCain wants to launch a Senate probe into the deadly Niger ambush.

McCain believes that the Trump administration is hiding some of the facts.

Do you also think Trump’s lying about the Niger incident? Share your opinion in the poll below.

Maybe Trump’s trying to hide the facts again. After all, he wouldn’t even acknowledge the ambush or its victims for almost two weeks.

Then Trump tried to distract us by claiming Obama never called the families of fallen soldiers. And he completely blew his call to the widow of one of the soldiers.

A report from Reuters confirms that there’s more to this case than meets the eye. They reported that “a diplomat with knowledge of the incident said French officials were frustrated by the U.S. troops’ actions, saying they had acted on only limited intelligence and without contingency plans in place.”

Trump’s up to his old tricks again. He’s using the military as his personal toy and won’t give our troops the support they need to do their jobs.

Trump likes to wrap himself in the flag and says he loves our soldiers, but he’s just a big hypocrite. Share this story on Facebook if you support McCain’s investigation into Trump.

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