BREAKING: Insurance Insiders Issue DIRE Warning About Ted Cruz’ SICK Trumpcare Provision

Two major insurance enterprises—America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA)—have just BLASTED Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Tx) disturbing new Trumpcare provision. In no uncertain terms, these two organizations explain how Cruz’s provision will EVISCERATE the health and finances of lower- and middle-class Americans.

When the going gets tough, you have to put the pedal to the metal. That’s PRECISELY what AHIP and BCBSA have just done in their scathing critique of Cruz’s provision.

Cruz’s hyper-partisan provision, ridiculously titled “The Consumer Freedom Option,” would make it so that insurers could sell crappy plans that don’t meet Obamacare’s regulations. This means that companies could start using this provision in order to ignore Obamacare’s mandate to serve Americans who have pre-existing conditions.

This would be a NIGHTMARE of unprecedented proportions. So AHIP and BCBSA just wrote to Senate Republican Mitch McConnell to let him know how they really feel about Cruz’s toxic provision.

“As healthy people move to the less-regulated plans, those with significant medical needs will have no choice but to stay in the comprehensive plans, and premiums will skyrocket for people with preexisting conditions,” the two insurance groups write. “This would especially impact middle-income families that are not eligible for a tax credit.”

“Taxpayers will pay more to finance federal tax credits for the individuals in comprehensive plans and these costs will continue to increase, even with dedicated funding,” they continue. “Risk adjustment is also critical to making the individual market sustainable, but can only work when there are uniform benefit requirements across the market.”

“Finally, this provision will lead to far fewer, if any, coverage options for consumers who purchase their plan in the individual market. As a result, millions of more individuals will become uninsured.”

“Given our experience and longstanding commitment to providing health care coverage, we understand what it takes to make health insurance markets work for consumers,” AHIP and BCBSA conclude. “We believe strongly that the rules must apply equally to all insurance products offered in state individual and small group markets. The Consumer Freedom Option does not meet these requirements and would harm consumers who are most in need of coverage. We strongly oppose this provision.”

It’s pretty bad when insurance companies are blasting an insurance bill that would boost their own profits. That’s just how breathtakingly heartless Cruz’s “Consumer Freedom Option” provision really is.

We need to defer to the experts. If AHIP and BCBSA are saying Trumpcare is set to be a nightmare, then it’s time to heed their warning.

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America should be a land of charity and mercy. Not a land of greed and selfishness like Cruz and Trump would have.

Cruz’s provision and Trumpcare as a whole MUST be defeated. Millions of American lives hang in the balance.

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