ALERT: House Democrats Made The PERFECT Trap For Pence, and He Fell Right Into It.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have set a DEVASTATING trap for Mike Pence that will all but ensure he TOO will be impeached alongside Trump. Thanks to these patriots, the American people won’t have to endure a President Pence after Trump’s presidency falls apart.

With the Russiagate scandal growing wider and wider, just about everyone on Team Trump has been going dark and laying low in recent days, and Vice President Mike Pence is no exception. And now we know why: House Democrats have EXPOSED his lies about disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s “foreign agent” status.

Pence claims that he only found out about Flynn’s ongoing work as a lobbyist for Turkey in March 2017. But the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, led by Elijah Cummings (D-Md), have trapped Pence in this lie and they have the EVIDENCE to prove it.

On November 18th, just ten days after Trump’s electoral victory, Cummings sent Pence a letter warning him that Flynn was currently acting as a foreign agent for Turkey.

Cummings sent this letter because Pence was heading up Trump’s transition team and was responsible for vetting Flynn.

Now that they’ve been exposed, Pence and his team are in full-fledged cover-up mode. Their weak defense is Pence saying, “I’m not sure we saw the letter.”

But here’s some bad news for them: Cummings has PROOF that Pence’s transition team did receive his Flynn warning. Cummings received, and has now published, a confirmation reply from Pence’s transition team promising to “review your letter carefully.”

This is MAJOR news, folks. In the coming weeks, this trap set by the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee could lead to the ouster of Pence AND Trump, along with the other damning developments that keep coming out of Russiagate.

Just logically, it’s unbelievable that Pence wouldn’t have known about Flynn’s Turkish lobbying efforts as the person in charge of Team Trump’s transition and vetting processes. But Cummings’ warning letter PROVES beyond any doubt that he KNOWINGLY let a foreign agent become Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Pence is clearly complicit in this scandal. News just broke that during the transition Flynn vetoed an American military plan opposed by the Turks, proving that Pence has all but sold the White House out to foreign powers.

This story keeps getting more and more insane. And it’s going to lead to Pence’s impeachment, you can bet on that.

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The writing is on the wall, as the seeds of Team Trump’s destruction were sown long ago. These goons have doomed themselves and the American people to a long, scandalous drama that will only end when EVERYONE who is guilty has faced justice.

We in the Resistance can’t sit back and relax, not while we still have so many stones left to turn over. Let none of us rest in our protest efforts until the Pumpkin King and his deputies are ousted from the Oval Office for good.

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