Hillary Went to Broadway. Her Reception Was VERY Different Than Mike Pence’s.

Lately, Broadway performers and audiences have been reacting to political guests. But the receptions for two prominent politicians were very different.

Hillary Clinton recently took in the Broadway show “The Color Purple,” according to the New York Times. The audience gave her a standing ovation, in sharp contrast to the well-deserved lecture Vice-President-elect Pence received.

Secretary Clinton attended the show with her family last Sunday. The thrilled audience gave her a standing ovation when she arrived.

The audience gave Clinton another ovation when she was acknowledged by the cast at the end of the show. Clearly, Broadway can’t get enough of the Clintons.

Mike Pence, on the other hand, received a much cooler reception when he attended the show “Hamilton” in November. The audience was less than thrilled to see him there.  

After the show, the cast acknowledged his presence by asking him to stand up for the rights all Americans. Instead of clapping, most of the audience booed Pence.  

While Pence took it all in stride, Trump took to Twitter to express anger that anyone would dare to mock the incoming Vice President. Trump’s skin is so thin that he can’t stand anyone exercising their First Amendment right to call his foolish Administration out.

People call out poor Mike Pence for his racist and anti-LGBT views wherever he goes. He was even recently chased away from a Republican fundraiser.

Maybe Pence and Trump will take a hint and skip the next Broadway show. They don’t seem smart enough to be able to take a hint, though.

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