BREAKING: GOP Busted Illegally Selling Access to Congress.

Just when you thought the era of Team Trump couldn’t get any more corrupt, Republicans just got caught selling ACCESS to Congressional staffers. This is an outrageously unethical breach of the American political system, and the GOP can’t get away with it.

Now, we’ve seen some absolutely shocking cases of corruption in Trump’s first few weeks in office, but the latest access-selling scandal has to rank right up there with the worst of the worst. The GOP is now shamelessly selling access to their congressional aides in exchange for campaign funding from mega-corporate donors.

The Intercept, which broke this story, isn’t mincing words when it comes to just how corrupt this scandal really is. According to them, the GOP is now “baldly enticing donors with the promise of meetings with senior legislative staff, effectively placing access to congressional employees up for sale to professional influence peddlers and other well-heeled interests.”

Seriously, do Congressional Republicans have even a single shred of decency? In putting corporate interests before the interests of the people, they’re literally selling America out one corrupt meeting at a time.

Michael Beckel, the research manager of IssueOne, a major campaign finance reform organization, knows this latest maneuver by Congressional Republicans is open and flagrant CORRUPTION. Team Trump is pushing full-steam ahead on giving corporations total power in America.

“It’s […] blatant buying and selling of access,” Beckel said. “Congressional staffers, paid by the taxpayers, don’t have carte blanche ability to participate in political fundraising.”

“A reasonable person could easily conclude that this selling of access would be prohibited under congressional ethics rules,” Beckel continued. “It’s mixing official business with more than a de minis amount of campaign activity.”

The GOP should be ashamed of themselves. They treated Obama with holier-than-thou contempt for 8 straight years, when they don’t have a single ethical bone in their bodies.

These Republicans know that what they’re doing is corrupt, but so long as rich corporate donors help them maintain power, they don’t care. This is the worst brand of putting party before country.

If Democrats run on an anti-corruption platform in 2018, there’s NO WAY we don’t take back Capitol Hill from these Republican crooks. Lord knows our nation needs it.

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Team Trump has only been in power for 100 days and the nation is already sick and tired of their lies, their abuses, their violations, and most importantly, his betrayals. Start betting money now, because there’s NO WAY they maintain power after the 2018 midterm elections.

And that’s what Trump voters get for electing all these corrupt Republican crooks. They’ve allowed the nation’s most powerful corporations to keep buying us out, and we in the Resistance are going to fight like hell accordingly.

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