WATCH: GOP Rep Breaks Rank, BLASTS Trump Treason With Powerful Message

It really speaks volumes about a man’s character and actions when his own allies don’t want to be seen with him. Trump and his inner circle are becoming pariahs amongst people of their own party. 

There is an increasing amount of evidence revealing Trump’s collusion with the Russian secret intelligence. Members of Trump’s inner circle are equally drawing suspicion for their meetings with very shady individuals.

Democrats, unsurprisingly, have been very vocal about their concerns with Trump’s actions. Many believe there could be conspiracy charges brought against Trump and his inner circle.

Trump’s actions are very disconcerting not only to the Democrats but also the Republicans. Many Republicans have lost faith in the honesty of the White House.

New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance is the latest Republican who truly doubts the innocence of Trump and his team, specifically of Donald Trump Jr.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Lance was asked if he could say with 100% certainty that Trump and his team did not engage in a criminal conspiracy with a foreign intelligence apparatus. Lance’s answer was simply and immediately, “No.”

Lance disapproved of the meeting Trump Jr had with the Kremlin-backed attorney. His thoughts about that meeting were that Trump Jr. and his people should have gone to the FBI.

This meeting has only strengthened the notion that Trump and his circle have ties with the Russian government. This indicates nothing less than a conspiracy.

Lance would only go so far to defend Trump, saying, “I hope [Trump is] being accurate and truthful.” However, hope can let a person down.

What are your thoughts about Trump’s own party turning against him? Does it convince you that there may have been a conspiracy?

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POLL: Is Team Trump guilty of conspiracy?

Trump, a man who is so proud of his own self-reliance, now has to really face the country by himself. His sneaky actions and meetings to get to the top—by any means necessary—have made him a pariah in the political world.

One can only wonder how long he will last. The evidence is piling up and the people are standing against him.

Trump and his circle’s shady meetings are being exposed, and all the lies and secrets they have tried to hide are coming to light. Share this story on Facebook and make sure your friends know what is going on behind the scenes of this so-called presidency.

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