BREAKING: GOP Lawmaker Issues Disgusting Threat to Poor People

One congresswoman has an idea for reducing health care costs, and it shows just how unhinged the GOP has become. Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) thinks that emergency rooms should be able to deny medical services to those in need.

“I’m an emergency room nurse,” she told MSNBC, speaking to Chuck Todd. She talked about people coming into the ER, and how she was often the first to treat them.

“I could have sent them to a walk-in clinic or their doctor the next day, but because of a law that Congress put into place to say, no, I have to treat everybody that walks into that emergency room.”

Not a very compassionate attitude from a nurse.

“You took away our ability to say, ‘no, an emergency room is not the proper place,'” she said.

Black is referring to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

Ronald Reagan signed this bill into law in 1986, and it prevents ERs from turning people away. At the time, “patient dumping” was widespread, with hospitals turning away people who did not have insurance.

Largely, patient dumping affected people of color and low-income earners who were unemployed or underemployed.

Now, at least one congresswoman wants to repeal this law.

“What it did is crowd my emergency room, where I work,” she said of the 1986 law.

Actually, hospitals are not legally required to treat all patients who come to their door. However, they must accept all patients if they want to use Medicare funds.

Republicans have frequently tried to change the health care system in America. And Donald Trump is particularly interested in destroying Obamacare in any way he can.

After two failed attempts to pass a new healthcare bill, Donald Trump has now taken to issuing executive orders designed to make Obamacare fail. He doesn’t care that these orders will destroy people’s lives.

Though Trump and much of the Republican party claim otherwise, Obamacare is and has been very stable. Millions of Americans have health insurance solely because of Obamacare, and the insurance marketplace is stable thanks to a large number of healthy people who still sign up for Obamacare, properly the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans have hated Obamacare since the moment it was signed, and spent half of Obama’s presidency bringing votes to repeal the bill to the floor. Republicans still haven’t passed a repeal bill under a brand new administration.

Health insurance companies command a vast amount of power on Capitol Hill by virtue of the campaign contributions they frequently hand out. The pharmaceutical industry is a billion-dollar business in the U.S., and their lobbyists aren’t interested in making health care and drugs more affordable.

But it’s all too clear that the GOP has no interest in making healthcare more affordable. And comments like Black’s only drive home the point that Republicans don’t care about poor people.

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