CORRUPTION: GOP Quietly Passes Law Shielding Themselves From Criminal Prosecution

Republicans have already tried to gut the Office of Governmental Ethics to hide their crimes. But this week Team Trump has gone and done something else just as radical and dangerous.

Paul Ryan and the Trumpsters in Congress just legalized corruption. Now, the records of Congress members are now their private property…meaning they don’t have to show them to anybody.

This is a bold-faced move to protect Team Trump from the terrible things they’re about to do. If their congressional records are their own private property, then they’ll be able to hide their corrupt deeds indefinitely.

Journalist Ashley Balcerzak knows this new law is good for nothing – except corruption. She says this rule is “unprecedented” and “the opposite of transparency”.

“If a lawmaker is being investigated…and law enforcement authorities subpoena her spending records, under this rule, she can assert the privilege to withhold them,” Balcerzak said. “They belong to her, not to Congress.”

This means that there are no crimes in Congress that Team Trump can be held accountable if this law stands. They resist any ethics investigation simply by withholding their now “personal” records.

This is all too convenient of a move for Republicans, especially as Trump is set to become the most corrupt president in history. Like mindless foot soldiers, they’re paving the way for Trump to do bad things easily.

When will Paul Ryan and Trump’s goons realize the American people are not idiots? We see clearly how they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes … once and for all.

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