BREAKING: GOP In Full-Blown Panic Mode

The feud between President Donald Trump and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), is much more than a silly back-and-forth on Twitter. The feud represents the ever-widening rift between Trump and his own party, and it has the GOP really, really worried.

They ought to be. This is just the kind of crap that happens before political parties dissolve and new parties are formed.

The feud started out the same way all of Trump’s feuds start: on Twitter. He insulted Corker, and Corker decided to fire back.

It’s been going on like that for days now. Trump has said everything to Corker at this point, from accusing him of begging for a presidential endorsement to insulting his height.

Bob Corker is not a tall man. He measures up at about 5’7″, about 6 inches under the international average height for a man (6.1 feet). Corker is just as tall as the average woman, however. The international average for females is 5’7″.

Still, Corker’s comeback was better. He likened the White House to a daycare center, and delivered a jab Trump’s way, suggesting that his babysitting staff had taken the day off.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary and Trump mouthpiece, escalated the whole thing on Tuesday when she mentioned Corker during her daily press briefing.

Trump, still opposed to the Iran Deal, says that Corker “rolled out the red carpet” for the deal, which in the opinion of many is not an insult.

And in his defense, if that’s what it is, Corker actually didn’t do that. Trump is lying to us all—again.

Corker aides have pointed out that Corker actually voted against the Iran Deal—legislation signed while President Obama was still in office.

Trump is president of a country where hurricanes have caused extensive and enormous damage to multiple coastal regions. He is presiding over a country where wildfires are raging out of control throughout California.

And while all this is going on, he’s still found time to pick a huge fight with the NFL, get into a Twitter tiff with a senator from his own party and, oh yeah, he played a nice little round of golf on Monday while everyone else was getting back to work.

Trump is reacting, in part, to a New York Times interview given by Corker and printed in the Sunday edition of the paper. In it, Corker said that Trump was leading us into World War III and said that his presidency should “concern anyone” who cares about the U.S.

Powerful words indeed. Trump fired back with some ugly comments and personal attacks on Corker, because that’s what he’s like, and the whole thing has just really rolled downhill from there.

Corker has served as a Tennessee senator since 2007. He is currently the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

And he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even when that means calling out the president of the United States.

The trouble is, President Trump still thinks he’s the celebrity star of a primetime reality show, and seems to have no idea just how important his job, his role and his image truly are to the entire world.

If you’re wondering how we got here, then you’ve got something in common with the Republican party. They are definitely asking themselves the same exact question.

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