BREAKING: GOP Introduces Bill to Let Them Cut Federal Worker Pay to $1

Working people are again the target of the Republican Party. They revived an arcane law that will punish federal workers for speaking their minds and for Republican failures.

Known as the Holman Rule, it gives Congress the power to lower a program or a federal employees wages as low as one dollar. The implementation of this rule is another step to establishing fascism in this country.

The Holman Rule was first introduced in 1876 and allows the targeting of specific federal programs or workers. Its use is for cutting spending that targets federal programs and workers.

One of the groups affected by this bill is unions. Republicans despise anything that supports working Americans, and this law is another example of that.

This will provide them with the ammunition to weaken or destroy unions. This bill has to be defeated!

Claiming budget cutes, Congress can slash wages of specific employees, groups of employees, or an entire agency. Federal bargaining on wages and working conditions will die.

The bill requires a majority in both houses of Congress to take effect. And considering the incoming president and Congress, such a rule is dangerous.

Republicans enjoy finding ways for the working folks to pay for tax cuts and Congressional excesses. It will only get worse under the leadership of billionaire Donald Trump.

The Holman Rule is another way for Congress to affect the pay and working conditions of civil servants. So, federal employees need to brace themselves for a tough run under the Trump administration.

Workers have a right to be paid a living wage. Unfortunately, neither the new Congress nor the incoming president seem to understand that.

It’s up to us to loudly support the rights workers. Please share this on Facebook so that others can support them, too!

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