BREAKING: Trump’s GOP Makes Move to CUT School Lunches for Poor Kids

The latest victims in Trump’s rampage against Americans are underprivileged school children. House Republicans declared war on poor children by reducing the number who qualify for free breakfasts.

It is a proven fact that children perform better in school after a hearty breakfast. Hunger pains and worry about their next meal do not plague them.

But House Republicans want to make these children’s lives miserable again. These evil representatives propose to cut the funding for the program that provides breakfast for needy kids.

Paul Ryan and his band of evil doers believe that providing free meals to children makes them dependent on the government. They believe that poor parents and their kids need to be more self-sufficient.

This is bull. The privileged Ryan and other wealthy Republicans in both the House and Senate have no idea how these children suffer.

The Republicans want to use these children to reduce fraud. The legislation states that Republicans want to “enhance the verification process in order to increase accountability and transparency, and rein in fraud and abuse.”

And how are these children defrauding the government by having a full belly and succeeding in school? It makes absolutely no sense.

In both the present and past, Republicans worked against poor children and their parents. A Trump official and supposed Christian, Ken Blackwell, said that it was not Christian for families to receive food stamps.

Let that sink in. A Christian minister wants to punish poor children by withholding nourishment in the name of God and Jesus. From what Bible is he reading?

Members of the Trump administration want to cut the food stamp program entirely. Schools use food stamps, Medicaid, and other programs to determine who needs the free breakfasts. With Trump wanting to end food stamps and Pence wanting to end Medicaid, the children will go hungry.

We must fight this legislation tooth and nail. It is unfair for Congress to deny food for poor children while working for tax breaks for rich corporations and billionaires. They need to get their priorities straight.

By calling our representatives and letting them know how we feel, it is possible to derail this horrendous assault against poor children.

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