GOP Blocks Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Ties to Protect Him From IMPEACHMENT

Congressional Republicans continue to choose Donald Trump over their country. The latest controversy involves a congressional investigation into Russia’s meddling in the last election.

Politico reports that Republican leaders are rejecting calls for a select congressional panel to investigate Trump’s ties with the Russian Government. Instead, they want to limit any investigation to the narrow oversight work already being done by the House and Senate intelligence committees in order to shield Trump from impeachment.

Because congressional Republicans are taking this approach, there’s no guarantee that the final reports would be released to the public. This move also potentially shields Trump from a more intensive investigation into Russia’s involvement.

Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have publically supported probes into Russia’s involvement in the last election. But these actions show that they are being insincere.

For McConnell’s, this seems to be a case of quid pro quo. McConnell’s wife was recently granted a cabinet post by Trump.

McConnell has a clear conflict of interest when it comes to any investigations into Trump. He should be recusing himself from any decisions regarding investigations into the President-elect.

John McCain is one of the few Republicans still calling for a select committee. Without the support of his leaders, though, this seems more and more unlikely.

A number of Democrats continue to push for more targeted probes, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Ben Cardin, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Patrick Leahy, and Representative Adam Schiff. Most Congressional Republicans would prefer to stonewall though.

The Republicans, however,  would rather put their party before their country. This is inexcusable; Democrats and the public must continue to demand that a wide-ranging special congressional panel be appointed to investigate Trump’s Russian connections.

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