WATCH: Al Franken Catches Jeff Sessions in a HUGE Lie. This is Embarrassing.

The Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s crooked cabinet are moving at breakneck speed.  But that didn’t stop Al Franken from catching a major Trump appointee in a bold lie.

Senator Jeff Sessions tried to take credit for working on several civil rights cases during his confirmation hearing for Attorney General.  Al Franken moved quickly though to catch an embarrassed Sessions in this outright lie.

Sessions is a well-known racist.  A Republican Congress even found him to be too racist to be a federal judge.

So Sessions lied about his civil rights record while working as a US Attorney.  He needed to use these cases as evidence that he’s not as racist as many think.

But Franken called out sessions for lying about his record on civil rights.  Franken Brought up testimony about a civil rights case that Sessions said he worked on with attorney Jeb Rich.

Rich said, “[Sessions] never provided any advice or guidance to me. His name wasn’t even on the brief that I filed in 1985, the brief that was related to the decision he was claiming credit for in 1986…”

Franken continued to press Sessions on his record. He brought up 20 other desegregation cases that Sessions said he was involved in.

It turns out that Sessions falsely took credit for those cases as well.  He’s trying to hide his racist record, but Franken won’t let him get away with it.

Senator Sessions is a liar as well as a racist.  That’s probably why the racist Donald Trump likes him.

However, that’s exactly why Sessions is unqualified to be Attorney General.  Trump must withdraw his nomination.

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