Fox News Openly Asks If We Should CANCEL Food Stamps for the Poor

The Republican hacks at Fox Noise are always making some outrageous claims, but this one takes the cake. The idiots want to completely eliminate the food stamp program.

Fox believes that a 0.09 percentage of fraud should justify removing 44 million individuals from the food stamp program. The fact that Fox would even ASK this question is terrifying for the tens of millions who rely on this program for food.

The Republican Party regularly uses aid to the poor as a means of cutting spending. Speaker Ryan has called for draconian measures to the social safety net for years as a means to save money.

What is so disgusting is that Ryan still calls for lowering taxes on the wealthy and corporations. He and his fellow Republicans have a burr in their saddle when it comes to the poor.

For example, legislation has been introduced that would destroy both Medicare and Social Security. These modifications will result in less coverage for the elderly, disabled, and young recipients.

The amount of fraud with the food stamp program is very small. The $70 million dollars per month represents 0.09 percent of the federal budget for the program.

This amount is peanuts when considering the $70.7 billion budget for the program. There are other places where savings can be realized.

For example, the Washington Post revealed that the Defense Department “deep-sixed” recommendations that would save $125 billion dollars over five years. This is massive when compared to the amount of fraud in the food stamp program.

Congress needs to seek other cuts to the federal budget to save money. Threatening the food supply of the most unfortunate in this country is purely evil.

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